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Washi tape frame for you


How are you doing?

Last week was St Valentine’s day. Oxford was full of red colours and on the 14th you could see people walking in the streets carrying flowers or presents. However, I didn’t celebrate it, as I prefer the Catalan tradition of Saint George (I talked about it here), when we celebrate love but also culture.

Anyway, we didn’t celebrate St Valentine’s but last Monday was my husband’s saint’s day (in Spain we celebrate both birthdays and saint’s days), so I prepared something special for him. I wanted to surprise him but it’s always very difficult because he knows me very well and he always guesses something. I cooked a three chocolate cake, which looked terrible but tasted gorgeous, and I bought him a book (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, he’s totally into it!). And my son’s present was this one that you can see in the picture below. I made it with pictures from both of them so now he can have it in his desk at work. He was very pleased with it, so as my son who was so happy to see himself in the pictures ūüėČ

Washi tape frame Made by Moni

Best things are the ones made with love, don’t you think?

The materials I used where: scissors, glue, washi tape and a frame.

Washi tape frame Made by Moni

The process is more than easy! You only need to decorate the frame with washi tape as you can see in these pictures…

Washi tape frame Made by Moni

You can choose the washi tape you like the most and the frame will have your own style.

Washi tape frame Made by Moni

Finally, you glue the pictures and if you want you can varnish the frame to fix the washi tape (I didn’t do it).

Washi tape frame Made by Moni

My husband was very happy with this simple present, specially because now when he’s tired, busy or stressed at work, he can look at the picture and remember how lucky he is ūüėČ

So, I want to keep making presents with love not buying just because “I have to”, so do you? Did you celebrate St Valentine’s day? Did you make/buy something with love? Next time you do so, remember to add your “Made with love ” tag. You can download it in¬†Fork and flower

printable gift tags and labels_by beautifulinsidmyhead

Have a week full of love ūüėČ

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Recycled cigars box “life is a journey”


Today is a reflection day… This morning I went to my Art-History course at the university and while I was walking there I was thinking about how lucky I am of being here in Oxford living this experience, having the oportunity of being with my little one, being pregnant of the second one (yes!! yayy!!)… and a long list of things I would have need to add… My mum just texted me in that moment asking me for skyping and telling me that she was feeling a little bit the same, what a coincidence! She’s almost 70 and, of course, she’s retired but she does a lot of things (she studies art, prepares meals for the family almost every day -and we are a big family-, volunteers in a school…) and she was telling me that what makes you more happy is to enjoy the present time, and not to desire what others have. I agree with her and I am thinking about this important knowledge today ūüėČ

Made by Moni

Anyway, here you have my new DIY project! 

My father in law smokes small cigars from time to time and I always ask him to keep the little boxes where they come. See what I have done with one of them, it looks like the result of the day’s reflection ūüėČ

Recycled cigars box

Life is a journey… enjoy each step!

Recycled cigars box

You can use it for many things but here you have some ideas. The left one just to keep your Made by Moni earings, and the right one to give a letter to someone special. Do you like the idea?

Recycled cigars boxRecycled cigars box

And here you have the steps to follow…¬†

Recycled cigars box

Have a nice end of the week!

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