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Yarn Alive

Hi everyone!!

This weekend we had visitors again and it was awesome. I like to share with my family and friends how is my life here in Oxford. I also like to see how much they enjoy being here discovering the colleges, gardens, markets, libraries, and tiny, old streets… I can say that the more time I spend here the more I love it 😉

Here you have my new creations. Two crochet bags, one green clutch and a blag bag. Both have purple buttons. Both can be useful to go to a party, a dinner or a wedding (specially the green one) with a special dress… but you can also were them with casual clothes.

Here you can see my bags lying on the roots of a 17th century tree, amazing…


View of Magdalen College tower (15th century)


Walking around the Deer Park at Magdalen College


Although the weather is not incredible… Spring leaves flowers all over the city


I also want to talk about Yarn Alive a knitting club in Japan that appeared after the 2011’s tsunami, under the branch of the NGO Japan Alive. Some women (all of them living in temporary housing) meet every tuesday to knit in a small fishing village of Japan that was devastated by the tsunami. I like the inniciative and what the women say about how they feel when they meet to do their projects and to share their lives. An 80-year-old woman said: “It cheers me up so much that I don’t even feel lonely at night, I just feel like knitting some more”.

As you can see, these meetings help them alleviate depression and anxiety. At the beginning, Yarn Alive’s first project was to make small blankets that were donated to a group in Kessenuma who had also suffered during the earthquake and tsunami. They found that although these women were also victims, they found it a blessing to be able to help others. Now they are selling items within Japan and overseas, CONGRATS!!


I share this video about them! Yarn Alive

You can also follow them on facebook 

Have a nice week 😉

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