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A dragon, a granny and a bag

Hi everyone!!

I’m in Barcelona again for six days, it’s nice to meet the family and friends again ūüôā

Today I want to explain you about Sant Jordi’s day (Saint George’s day) which was two days ago. In Catalonia it’s a very special day and you can see people selling roses and books all over the cities and villages. The legend explains that many years ago in a city there was a very wild dragon which wanted to eat the king’s daughter but Saint George murdered it. When the hero killed the dragon, from the beast’s blood grew a nice rose which Saint George offered it to the princess and they fell in love. The legend is beautiful and on the 23th of April we always remember it and we offer a rose or a book to the people we love. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Last tuesday I enjoyed the day with friends and I also went to see my granny to give her a special rose, a felt one!! You can see a picture here.


I also want to introduce these two new crochet bags. This week I’ve chosen blue colour, I hope that you like it!


This is the week’s picture! You can see my bags with a positive message from Mr. Wonderful!


The message says: “happiness lives inside you”

Have a¬†wonderful week ūüėČ

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