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Maria’s birthday

Hello everyone!

March is a very important month in our family, we celebrate lots of things. Two weeks ago it was my son’s birthday and today my daughter just turned one, wow! I said the same in the last post but I want to say it again: time runs very fast! Do you remember this post? One year ago I was in Oxford packing, because I was supposed to fly back to Barcelona on Sunday 16th of March (one month before my due date). However, on the 15th of March, she wanted to come to the world. I think she was very excited to see us, he he… (or I was too nervous to see her). It was a very special experience. At the beginning a little bit tough because she completely changed our plans, but in the end so beautiful when we finally met her.

Some people say that it is very different to have a girl than a boy but right now I cannot make the difference. Both do the same things more or less and at the moment she likes all her brother’s toys (cars, balls, teddys…). But, I want to make the difference so I have decided to create her first doll, a rag doll. When I was a little girl I loved to play dolls so I am excited to see her playing with them too 😉

Do you like it? I do!


It is all hand made 😉 She is lying on her crib with a big smile like my daughter’s.

Muñeca de trapo Made by Moni blog

We are saying now with my husband that one year is a very short time but that it is very difficult to imagine our lives without María. Our family would be empty without her! And this year has been amazing, we have a lot of nice memories in Oxford, Stanford and now Barcelona. And lots more will come! Looking forward to share them with our kids 😉

Have a nice week! So will I!

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