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Jungle at home!


Today is raining and everyone at home is sleeping so it is the perfect moment to write a new post.

This last Christmas I had an awesome present, a sewing machine! I am so happy with it and I am learning how to use it. Almost every day I try to do something or at least I write some new ideas in my notebook. Last Friday I went to a special course with my sister in law and I learned how to make a small bag. I will explain more about this in another post but what I liked the most was that the teacher used recycled materials to make her projects. Following her example, see what I did with these shorts… 

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

I made an elephant with a rattle inside so that a baby can shake it and have fun and a new giraffe. Do you remember the giraffe I made some months ago? This one was much easier to make (the other one was all hand sewed).

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

 Two friends walking on a sunny day 😉

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

On the way to the jungle!

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

Hakuna matata!

And last but not least… I have begun cooking classes at home with my older one. Once a week we cook something. Last week we baked muffins. He enjoyed so much to weigh, mix the ingredients and the best to brake the eggs. I think it is a fun and creative activity. Nowadays that we are all the time in front of the computer, baking, sewing, painting… relax us and help us be more creative people and enjoy doing things with our hands.

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Happy birthday and the giraffe!


How are you doing? We had a very special weekend… Marcos turned two on Saturday so we spent the whole weekend celebrating it. It’s amazing to see how much he realised that it was his birthday.. he woke up in the morning saying: “cake and crown” (in Spain we make a crown for the kids for their birthday celebration!) and runing around the house. We also went together to buy a new Lego and he was was so excited showing everyone his new toy. On Sunday we organised a birthday party with all his friends and it was great too. He had a lot of cake and sweets and he was playing with his friends. The only thing he didn’t like  was when we lighted the candles and he had to blow them, he was all in tears, ha ha!

He loves football like his dad so we made this cake for him…

Made by Moni football birthday cake

I also made something special for him… This time a giraffe! I had an old pyjamas and I decided to use its fabric to make this new toy. Look at it! We have named her “Palmira” 😉

Giraffe Made by Moni

I am so grateful for this wonderful second year with my son. I love seeing how he grows and becomes a little person. Now he expresses what he likes/dislikes, what he wants to do.. Sometimes it can also be difficult because they are not always in the perfect mood (like us) and you have to teach them that some things are forbidden but, to be honest, being a mum is my favourite “job”.

It’s so true that dealing with your own children you discover a lot of things from yourself that you’ve never imagined! They help you be a better person. Thank you, Marcos 😉

Palmira says bye bye to all of you from the backyard.

Giraffe Made by Moni

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

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