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Crochet for men


Here I am again wanting to know about you and sharing with you my new crochet projects. But, first of all, how are you doing? We are doing well, we had an amazing weekend (Saturday in London with friends & Sunday in Oxford with friends too). How was yours?

I have a lot of things to tell this week… On the one hand, I want to recommend this article about men crocheting. I feel that kniting and crocheting are nice hobbies but we always relate them to grandmas or to women. They can also be nice hobbies for men, don’t you think? Read the article, I love Howie Woo and Mathew projects, both have a lot of creativity.

Howie woo  sometimes combines crochet with images… See this video:

On the other hand, I want to tell you that we have already begun “crafternoons” again. Do you know what it is? A group of mums and our children we meet once a week and, while the children play, we do craft projects. We always have great fun, and I like how the children, little by little, begin to understand that it’s more funny to play with other kids than with their mum. We also have a new blog that you can check here and you are also invited to join us.

And last but not least, here you have my two new crochet projects. You all know my bags but this one is different as it has two hooks that allow you to take out the strap and wash the bag in the washing machine. It’s very useful! I’ve also made this new box but in two colours, beige and brown, that match each other a lot. I hope that you all like them!

Beige bag and box, Made by Moni

Here you can see the hook in the strap

Detail beige bag, Made by Moni

Have a sunny end of the week and amazing weekend! And… remember! if you are a man you can also knit or crochet and it can be very sexy, he he 😉

Man crocheting Made by Moni

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Christmas week!

Hello everyone!

After one week celebrating Christmas I finally find a moment to share with you how it was.

These days were so special for me, I had plenty of time to be with my family and this is the most precious present, don’t you think?

On the 24th we had a big dinner at my parents’, there were 37 of us! It was gorgeous and the food and presentation were amazing too. We also organised a Secret Santa with my brothers and sisters which is always a very nice moment… Here you can see the table presentation and some food, yummy!

Christmas dinner

On the 25th I had another lunch with my husband’s family which was also fantastic and after it we organised a game similar to secret santa. One of the things I liked the most was that everyone had to wrap the present in an original way. Some people used scrapbooking techniques, others nice boxes with bows but the winner was a snowman. It was great fun! 

Secret Santa

And here you can see the winner 😉

secret santa

I prepared this Christmas decoration for my secret santa, do you like it?

Christmas decoration

In three days we’ll begin 2014, amazing! These days I’m thinking about all I did in 2013, the new people I met, the projects I had and I’m also projecting next one. What would I like to achieve in 2014? Who is the people I love and whom I want to share my life with? What can I do to make a better world? A lot of questions to think about…

I hope that you had a wonderful week and that you begin 2014 loving yourself and loving the people surrounding you.

Much love for everyone 😉

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Crochet flower pots and my cousin

Hello, hello!

Este fin de semana ha venido a visitarnos mi primo, que es como mi hermano y con el que me encanta compartir momentos. Hemos callejeado, visitado varios colleges, comido en un pub (Turf Tavern), saboreado las mejores cookies de Oxford (Ben’s cookies) y aprovechado para ponernos al día. Ha sido especial que estuviese por aquí porque, como siempre digo, me gusta que otros vean donde vivo, quienes son mis amigos, cómo es mi vida por aquí… Es una manera muy chula de compartir esta experiencia que me está ayudando como persona, como pareja y como familia. Gracias a todos los que venís, ¡nos encanta! Y a los que no podéis… gracias por escuchar nuestras batallitas, ver fotos y leer los posts 😉

Quería también aprovechar para presentaros mis nuevas creaciones. Esta vez se trata de unas macetas de tela de camiseta a ganchillo y en color beige, que tienen un toque rústico, cálido y, por supuesto, ¡diferente!

¿Qué os parecen?

Fashion crochet flower pots

Mis nuevas macetas descansan en un banco del jardín de Green Templeton College después de una larga jornada de caminata por Oxford…

Stylish crochet flower pot

Dos primos ante un árbol de colores otoñales y con un original tocado

Fashion crochet flower pots

También quería hablar una vez más de La bufanda de la iaia, un proyecto sin ánimo de lucro que Amics de la gent gran y El mundo al revés inició en el 2012.  Su objetivo es conseguir fondos para personas de la tercera edad y para ello organizan eventos donde gente que sabe tejer, hacer ganchillo, enseñan a otras a confeccionar una bufanda, que después se etiqueta y se vende. El año pasado los eventos que se organizaron tuvieron mucho éxito y no solo por el dinero recogido sino también por el ambiente que se creó… personas mayores enseñaban a otras más jóvenes a tejer mientras conversaban y se creaban lazos de amistad. Personalmente me encanta la iniciativa porque se da importancia a la gente mayor, que tantas cosas tienen que enseñarnos y que tan olvidados los tenemos a veces. Los eventos son para mayores, pequeños, medianos y los participantes se conciencian de una realidad importante en nuestra sociedad y es la soledad de nuestros mayores. 

Quería hablar de ello porque este fin de semana que viene hay eventos en Barcelona… para l@s interesad@s tendrá lugar el primer encuentro en Travessera de Gràcia con Passeig Sant Joan a las 17’00h. Si vais haced muchas fotos y me las enviáis, ¡a mí me encantaría ir!

Aquí tenéis el evento creado en facebook

¡A disfrutar del otoño… sus colores, sus hojas caídas por todas partes, los primeros fríos, las castañas, los “panellets”, las calabazas…! My dear fall…

University park, Oxford

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My birthday and Indigo shop


This week I didn’t have time to write a new post until today… The thing is that we arrived to Barcelona last Saturday and, as you can imagine, we wanted to see our family, friends, going to the beach plus my birthday party was yesterday. I organised a ‘British Party’ with a British menu and everyone wore something ‘British’ as you can see in the image. It was so nice to see my friends and to realise how lucky I am to start my 30’s surrounded by people who love me 😉


The menu was… mash potatoes with sausages and gravy sauce, brownie, special 30th-birthday cupcakes, and PIMM’S, he he…


This post will be the last one until September so I’d like to finish with something special… Indigo shop is my present for you today! Do you know what is it? It’s a fair trade shop in Cowley Road, Oxford. They sell lots of beautiful items such as clothes (kids, women, men), prezzies, shoes… I love everything they sell and the shop owners are very nice too. This is why I’m so happy to say that Made by Moni jewelry and bags are there for you to buy 🙂 Here you can see some pictures…


And here you can see my products in the shop!




Enjoy the Summer and the time you spend with your familly and friends! 😉


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10 tips to enjoy Oxford life!

Hello everyone!

Today is an important day… last post in Oxford until October, as I’m going for holidays to Spain next Saturday… so I feel like trying to go over some of the things I have learned here in Oxford.

I was wondering what I’d answer if someone asked me about how to enjoy life in this city… Mmm mmm

While I’m thinking about this question I want to tell you about my new project. I have made an electric-blue wool bag… I went to the Oxford Yarn Store to learn how to knit with circular needles and I really had a good time and learned how to knit this new bag. The shop is in North Parade, a beautiful street near my house. They have many kind of materials and the people there are really nice, so I’m sure you’ll have a good time if you take a course there. Here you have some pictures of my last course…


The final result of the course was this bag. Do you like it?



And here you have the pattern…

MAIN BODY (stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch):

Cast on 62 st using preferred mehod. Join in the round and place marker. *Knit 4 rounds. Purl 2 rounds. Repeat from * 6 times more. (Add extra repeats here if you want a deeper bag). Knit 4 rounds. Either cast off in traditional way and sew cast off edges together or cast off using 3 needle cast off.

STRAP (moss stitch):

Cast on 99 st. Do 3 rows moss stitch. Cast off.

Sew ends of straps to top of bag as desired (to inside or outside of bag). Sew button to front of bag.


Crochet method: using a crochet hook, make a single chain long enough to reach from top of bag to button and back to top of bag plus an extra 5 cm.

Plaited method: measure three pieces of yarn, each long enough to reach from top of bag to button and back to top of bag plus an extra 10 cm. Knot strands of yarn together close to one end. Plait yarn to the end and fasten with a second knot.

Sew both ends of loop to the cast on edge of the back of the bag (inside or outside as desired).

Here you can see a picture of my child and me wearing my new bag.


So thinking about the question I said in the beginning, I think that I would say…

1. Always think that the weather will be awful, because then if the sun comes you’ll be so happy but if it doesn’t you can be happy too 😉

2. Remember that English people say that “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. So be always prepared! You’ll need an umbrella, a hat, wellington boots, and a good coat.

3. Be as much open as you can. Oxford is a city where lots of new people arrive every year, so you’ll find people in the same situation as you.

4. Try to meet people from other countries, it’s nice to know about other cultures and you’ll also improve your English.

5. If you are a mum or dad, don’t miss the playgroups!! They are the best place to meet new friends for you and your child and to practice your English.

6.Take as many pictures as you can. Oxford has many parks and it’s amazing to see how much they change in every season. Don’t miss it, it’s almost like living in a different place every few months. 

7. If you are a mum or dad, try to organise activities in the afternoons, especially in winter. Some examples could be a snack in someone’s house, a craft group, going to a museum, a cream tea… Winter is cold and dark but if you have something to do and people to share it with, it can be as bright as Summer time.

8. Don’t worry if at the end of the year your friends go back to their countries, because other people will come and you can be so grateful to have spent this amazing year with them. Better one year than nothing, and you will have a house in every country 😉

9. If you don’t have a job, try to find new hobbies such us reading, playing an instrument, doing crafts, learning English,  enjoying Oxford museums, having a blog, taking pictures, cooking…

10. Don’t worry about little things only ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY and LEARN about the others and yourself! Oxford is awesome!

See my new hobby… This is me this Summer! he he


Oxford, see you again in September!
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Vanilla shop and Cowley carnival

 Hola a todos!

Qué tal estáis? Nosotros disfrutando del sol, estamos a 28º, algo insólito aquí en Oxford, hasta hemos podido ir a ¡la piscina!

Esta semana os quería anunciar que podéis encontrar mis bolsos en “Vanilla store“, una tienda de Oxford (Summertown) de ropa y complementos muy moderna y original. Si por casualidad venís de visita, os la recomiendo. 


Bolsos Made by Moni en varios colores entre cinturones, camisas, zapatos y vestidos…


También quería explicar mi actividad del domingo pasado ¡el carnaval de Cowley!. Resulta que uno de los barrios de Oxford (Cowley) organizaba su carnaval y la verdad es que fue un éxito y nos encantó. Hizo muy buen tiempo y los restaurantes sacaron mesas y la comida a la calle para que la gente pudiese comprarla y comerla mientras caminaba. Había un montón de grupos de música -desde reggae, rock a jazz- y a media tarde ¡la rúa! Muchos colegios de la zona llevaban todo el curso preparando disfraces e instrumentos para el gran día y los alumnos los lucieron con su mejor sonrisa. Me gustó mucho, además, la interculturalidad que se respiraba, había niños africanos, indios, europeos… con sus respectivas familias, disfrutando, comiendo, riendo y compartiendo sentados en las aceras y parques, ¡una imagen idílica! Como dije en otro post me encantan las fiestas de barrio y todavía más si sirven para unir culturas.

2013-07-07 15.00.52

Niños y profesores tocando instrumentos, bailando, gritando y sonriendo al personal2013-07-07 14.58.43

Mientras paseaba descubrí un montón de postes, árboles, rejas decorados con tejidos de punto y ganchillo súper coloridos. Parece que esto  del yarnbombing o guerrilla lanera se está extendiendo a marchas forzadas por Oxford, ¡felicidades guerrilleros! He de decir que el domingo pasado encontrar estos toques de color por las calles daba alegría y un punto hippie a la calle. Aquí podéis ver un collage con fotos de lo que fui encontrando…


¡Que disfrutéis del veranito!

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St Aldates sale!

Hola a todos!!

Cómo ha ido la verbena de San Juan!? Por aquí no se celebra pero unos amigos finlandeses nos invitaron a su casa a celebrar el solsticio… muy chulo!

Esta semana tengo novedades. Resulta que he conseguido vender algunos de mis productos en St Aldates. Aquí en Oxford existen lo que se llaman “play groups for toddlers”, que vienen a ser espacios donde ir con tus hijos por las mañanas, repletos de juguetes, con desayuno para madres y en los que puedes pasar la mañana mientras tu hij@ se lo pasa genial. Pues resulta que en uno de los “play groups” me han dejado exponer mis productos para darme a conocer un poco.

Aquí os dejo un collage donde veréis mi stan…


Ha sido interesante desde la preparación hasta el momento de la venta. Me ha servido para ver que la presentación es esencial así como también la simpatía del vendedor y, sobretodo, la propaganda en las redes sociales. Además he tenido la suerte de recibir varios consejos de gente british sobre cómo y dónde vender mis productos, gracias!



Aprovecho para presentar los dos nuevos colores. Esta vez me decanto por el azulgrana… uno rojo y uno azul pero que conste que el fútbol me importa poco! Espero que os gusten 😉


El verano ya está aquí, el verano ya llegó…!  (no en Oxford, claro). A disfrutar!

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My new tags and Chipping Norton


Last saturday my family and I visited Chipping Norton, a village fourty five minutes from Oxford. We spent the whole day there, walking around the beautiful fields and small shops. It’s such a nice place to visit, I really recommend it to you.

We had a great surprise! We discovered a “yarnbombing action” there. We were walking on the streets and suddenly we realised that several doors had wool hearts, butterflies… all the village was decorated. We entered a wool shop and we saw this announcement that confirmed what we had seen.

15th post E

The shop’s owner had  this amazing bike, which I’d  like to have it for me 😉

15th post C

Yarn bombing, Chipping Norton

When we got home again I decided to finish what I was working at for the last week… product TAGS! Oh yes, I finally did some tags for my products so now I can begin to sell them in some stores. I hope I have good chance, cross fingers!

Do you like them?

15th post A

15th post B

See these new clutchs. One beige, the other one green… ready to wear them this Spring and almost Summer!

15th post F

Have a NICE week all of you 😉

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A dragon, a granny and a bag

Hi everyone!!

I’m in Barcelona again for six days, it’s nice to meet the family and friends again 🙂

Today I want to explain you about Sant Jordi’s day (Saint George’s day) which was two days ago. In Catalonia it’s a very special day and you can see people selling roses and books all over the cities and villages. The legend explains that many years ago in a city there was a very wild dragon which wanted to eat the king’s daughter but Saint George murdered it. When the hero killed the dragon, from the beast’s blood grew a nice rose which Saint George offered it to the princess and they fell in love. The legend is beautiful and on the 23th of April we always remember it and we offer a rose or a book to the people we love. It’s nice, isn’t it?

Last tuesday I enjoyed the day with friends and I also went to see my granny to give her a special rose, a felt one!! You can see a picture here.


I also want to introduce these two new crochet bags. This week I’ve chosen blue colour, I hope that you like it!


This is the week’s picture! You can see my bags with a positive message from Mr. Wonderful!


The message says: “happiness lives inside you”

Have a wonderful week 😉

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Hi again!!

I hope everybody is fine and with a lot of energy after the “Easter holiday” 🙂

I’m very well, meeting my friends again and enjoying longer days here in England…

Today I want to introduce a new crochet beige clutch and a black bag. Both are very useful to go to a lunch or a dinner with just the necessary things and not the whole house in your bag. Both have original buttons, one brown the other golden… I hope that you like them!

post 7

post 7 2

post 7 1

I went to a dinner at a friend’s house and I wore the black crochet bag



I also want to talk about my friend Anna, who you can see in these pictures wearing the beige clutch. She also loves crafts and she gives new life to old furniture. What she does is a hard work, very creative and artistic, and the results are always awesome! If you want to take a look go to Anni things.

And the picture of the week is this beautiful box that Anna made for me when my baby was born:

post 7 3


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