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Christmas week!

Hello everyone!

After one week celebrating Christmas I finally find a moment to share with you how it was.

These days were so special for me, I had plenty of time to be with my family and this is the most precious present, don’t you think?

On the 24th we had a big dinner at my parents’, there were 37 of us! It was gorgeous and the food and presentation were amazing too. We also organised a Secret Santa with my brothers and sisters which is always a very nice moment… Here you can see the table presentation and some food, yummy!

Christmas dinner

On the 25th I had another lunch with my husband’s family which was also fantastic and after it we organised a game similar to secret santa. One of the things I liked the most was that everyone had to wrap the present in an original way. Some people used scrapbooking techniques, others nice boxes with bows but the winner was a snowman. It was great fun! 

Secret Santa

And here you can see the winner 😉

secret santa

I prepared this Christmas decoration for my secret santa, do you like it?

Christmas decoration

In three days we’ll begin 2014, amazing! These days I’m thinking about all I did in 2013, the new people I met, the projects I had and I’m also projecting next one. What would I like to achieve in 2014? Who is the people I love and whom I want to share my life with? What can I do to make a better world? A lot of questions to think about…

I hope that you had a wonderful week and that you begin 2014 loving yourself and loving the people surrounding you.

Much love for everyone 😉

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Amazing garland


How are you?

As I told you, last week was not the perfect one but we have begun this one much better. My son is already recovered! I have a big cold now but no fever so everything back to normal, yaaay! 

While I was at home with him (six days!) I tried to find time to prepare some products that I’m going to sell next week in a handmade market. Don’t worry, I will let you know more about it! I also found time to make this decoration for the house which is made with recycled materials (rolls of toilet paper and pinecones). You can decorate a window or a wall with it! I like how it looks at home.

 Recycled garland

And it’s so easy to make the flowers.

You will need: rolls of toilet paper, glue, scissors, string.

How to make it? You only need to cut the rolls of toilet paper in equal parts, add a little bit of glue to each part and stick them forming the flower.

Here you have a useful image of the steps to follow.


I found some pinecones so I decided to add them just to have this kind of garland…

Recycled garland

And here it is… hanged in our living room window and saying hello to us every morning 😉

Recycled garland

 You can also use the flowers to decorate a Christmas tree or a present for example.

Enjoy your new project 😉

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