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Maria’s birthday

Hello everyone!

March is a very important month in our family, we celebrate lots of things. Two weeks ago it was my son’s birthday and today my daughter just turned one, wow! I said the same in the last post but I want to say it again: time runs very fast! Do you remember this post? One year ago I was in Oxford packing, because I was supposed to fly back to Barcelona on Sunday 16th of March (one month before my due date). However, on the 15th of March, she wanted to come to the world. I think she was very excited to see us, he he… (or I was too nervous to see her). It was a very special experience. At the beginning a little bit tough because she completely changed our plans, but in the end so beautiful when we finally met her.

Some people say that it is very different to have a girl than a boy but right now I cannot make the difference. Both do the same things more or less and at the moment she likes all her brother’s toys (cars, balls, teddys…). But, I want to make the difference so I have decided to create her first doll, a rag doll. When I was a little girl I loved to play dolls so I am excited to see her playing with them too 😉

Do you like it? I do!


It is all hand made 😉 She is lying on her crib with a big smile like my daughter’s.

Muñeca de trapo Made by Moni blog

We are saying now with my husband that one year is a very short time but that it is very difficult to imagine our lives without María. Our family would be empty without her! And this year has been amazing, we have a lot of nice memories in Oxford, Stanford and now Barcelona. And lots more will come! Looking forward to share them with our kids 😉

Have a nice week! So will I!

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Jungle at home!


Today is raining and everyone at home is sleeping so it is the perfect moment to write a new post.

This last Christmas I had an awesome present, a sewing machine! I am so happy with it and I am learning how to use it. Almost every day I try to do something or at least I write some new ideas in my notebook. Last Friday I went to a special course with my sister in law and I learned how to make a small bag. I will explain more about this in another post but what I liked the most was that the teacher used recycled materials to make her projects. Following her example, see what I did with these shorts… 

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

I made an elephant with a rattle inside so that a baby can shake it and have fun and a new giraffe. Do you remember the giraffe I made some months ago? This one was much easier to make (the other one was all hand sewed).

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

 Two friends walking on a sunny day 😉

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

On the way to the jungle!

Giraffe and elephant Made by Moni

Hakuna matata!

And last but not least… I have begun cooking classes at home with my older one. Once a week we cook something. Last week we baked muffins. He enjoyed so much to weigh, mix the ingredients and the best to brake the eggs. I think it is a fun and creative activity. Nowadays that we are all the time in front of the computer, baking, sewing, painting… relax us and help us be more creative people and enjoy doing things with our hands.

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Knitting a baby hoot

¡Hola a tod@s!

Mañana es viernes y no me lo puedo creer, ¡qué rápida ha pasado la semana! El lunes que viene hará un mes que estamos aquí y la verdad es que estoy encantada. Realmente me siento afortunada de poder conocer un nuevo país, nueva gente y disfrutar de mi familia, ¡vaya lujazo! Los primeros días son chungos pero una vez pasan… todo cambia de color.

Ya me he hecho amigas con las que compartir la experiencia. He conocido a gente de Japón, Italia, Brasil, también alguna española y la verdad es que es chulo abrirse a otras personas de culturas distintas. Mi hijo también sigue mis pasos y tiene un amigo japonés al que habla en castellano, pero lo curioso es que juegan de maravilla.

Aquí tenéis mi nueva creación. Esta vez se trata de una capota para bebé de lana gris. Es muy práctica para los primeros fríos de otoño y los que vendrán de invierno y le da un toque al vestuario. ¿Qué os parece?

Baby wool hoot Made by Moni

Y así es como queda en un día otoñal…

Baby wool hoot Made by Moni

Baby wool hoot Made by Moni

Baby wool hoot Made by Moni

Por otro lado quería compartir mumsworldwide, una página web que he encontrado súper práctica. Hoy en día la mayoría de gente se ve obligada a pasar al menos unos años de su vida laboral en el extranjero. Muchos se trasladan, como nosotros, con toda su familia en peso y a veces cuesta situarse, encontrar a gente, sentirse acompañado… Esta página te pone en contacto con otras personas que como tú llegan a otros lugares y además dispone de un blog con artículos interesantes en los que encontrar apoyo. ¡Vale la pena mirársela!

Y nada, esta semana he empezado a pensar en nuevos proyectos que quizás vengan en un futuro pero de eso ya hablaré más adelante 😉

¡Que disfrutéis del fin de semana! Yo a la que puedo me dedico a…


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Happy birthday and the giraffe!


How are you doing? We had a very special weekend… Marcos turned two on Saturday so we spent the whole weekend celebrating it. It’s amazing to see how much he realised that it was his birthday.. he woke up in the morning saying: “cake and crown” (in Spain we make a crown for the kids for their birthday celebration!) and runing around the house. We also went together to buy a new Lego and he was was so excited showing everyone his new toy. On Sunday we organised a birthday party with all his friends and it was great too. He had a lot of cake and sweets and he was playing with his friends. The only thing he didn’t like  was when we lighted the candles and he had to blow them, he was all in tears, ha ha!

He loves football like his dad so we made this cake for him…

Made by Moni football birthday cake

I also made something special for him… This time a giraffe! I had an old pyjamas and I decided to use its fabric to make this new toy. Look at it! We have named her “Palmira” 😉

Giraffe Made by Moni

I am so grateful for this wonderful second year with my son. I love seeing how he grows and becomes a little person. Now he expresses what he likes/dislikes, what he wants to do.. Sometimes it can also be difficult because they are not always in the perfect mood (like us) and you have to teach them that some things are forbidden but, to be honest, being a mum is my favourite “job”.

It’s so true that dealing with your own children you discover a lot of things from yourself that you’ve never imagined! They help you be a better person. Thank you, Marcos 😉

Palmira says bye bye to all of you from the backyard.

Giraffe Made by Moni

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

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Paul and Mary!

¡Estoy emocionada!

Sí, me siento así y es que mi prima ha dado a luz a un bebé precioso. Estoy a varios km de distancia y no la puedo ir a ver pero pienso en ella y me imagino cómo se debe sentir… Recuerdo cuando nació mi hijo, ¡fue tan especial! El parto puede ser duro pero cuando le ves la carita, cuando te lo ponen en los brazos y le besas por primera vez sabes que es lo mejor que te ha pasado en la vida. Es difícil explicarlo hasta que no lo experimentas pero así es como lo viví yo. Son tantas primeras veces emocionantes: primera noche con él, aprender a darle de comer, a cambiarle, el primer contacto con sus abuelos, primos… Yo pasé esto hace exactamente dos años y cuando lo recuerdo se me dibuja una sonrisa y me ilusiona muchísimo de aquí dos meses o menos volver a pasar por ello otra vez.

Aquí tenéis una foto mía del finde pasado… la barriga ya es complicado esconderla 😉


Y aquí está una parte del regalo que le he hecho al hijo de M. y a mi futura hija… Mientras lo confeccionaba pensaba en ella y me imaginaba en lo contenta que estaría cuando tuviese a su hijito en los brazos. También mientras hacía el de María pensaba en ella y en cómo será cuando la tengamos con nosotros… 

Teddy bear Made by Moni

Es verdad que el primer hijo no es lo mismo que el segundo. El primero es la novedad y el segundo ya sabes de qué va la película. Sin embargo a mí me acechan ¡¡muchas dudas!! ¿Lo sabré hacer otra vez? Y, sobretodo, ¿cómo me lo montaré con dos hijos?. ¿Mi hijo tendrá celos?, ¿iré muy estresada o la podré disfrutar tanto como al primero? Es verdad que siempre que se avecina un cambio en tu vida te asaltan los miedos, incertidumbres pero después todo acaba saliendo si nos lo tomamos con calma y, sobretodo, si nos dejamos ayudar, ¡el camino se disfruta y vive mejor con los otros al lado! Espero aplicarme el cuento 😉

Os dejo con esta última foto y de aquí unos meses podré poner la real… Dos primos abrazados que seguro que se querrán mucho todo la vida como  M. y yo.


Cómo hacerlo? 

Es el mismo oso que hice en Mark the teddy bear pero con otras dimensiones, que aquí transcribo:

CUERPO: montas 12 puntos. Realizas 98 vueltas a punto bobo y cierras el tejido.

BRAZOS: montas 10 puntos. Realizas 20 vueltas a punto bobo y cierras el tejido.

PIERNAS: montas 12 puntos. Realizas 26 vueltas a punto bobo y cierras el tejido.

Materials: 50gr pink wool, needles 2’75mm,  buttons, toy filling.

How to make it?

1. Do all the pieces in plain knit.

BODY: stock in 12 stitches. Do 98 rows and cast off.

ARMS: stock in 10 stitches. Do 20 rows and cast off.

LEGS: stock in 12 stitches. Do 26 rows and cast off.

2. Fold the pieces in half and sew them but leave one side open at the bottom. Turn them so that you cannot see the seam.

3. Stuff the pieces with the toy filling but don’t put a lot as the teddy has to be able to move arms and legs. Sew them closed. Sew the arms onto the body 1/3 of the way down from the top of the head. Sew the legs to the body (from the body’s corners to the body’s middle).

4. Sew the eyes and nose. Put a bow around the neck.

Made by Moni teddy bear

Enjoy the week!

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Crochet for men


Here I am again wanting to know about you and sharing with you my new crochet projects. But, first of all, how are you doing? We are doing well, we had an amazing weekend (Saturday in London with friends & Sunday in Oxford with friends too). How was yours?

I have a lot of things to tell this week… On the one hand, I want to recommend this article about men crocheting. I feel that kniting and crocheting are nice hobbies but we always relate them to grandmas or to women. They can also be nice hobbies for men, don’t you think? Read the article, I love Howie Woo and Mathew projects, both have a lot of creativity.

Howie woo  sometimes combines crochet with images… See this video:

On the other hand, I want to tell you that we have already begun “crafternoons” again. Do you know what it is? A group of mums and our children we meet once a week and, while the children play, we do craft projects. We always have great fun, and I like how the children, little by little, begin to understand that it’s more funny to play with other kids than with their mum. We also have a new blog that you can check here and you are also invited to join us.

And last but not least, here you have my two new crochet projects. You all know my bags but this one is different as it has two hooks that allow you to take out the strap and wash the bag in the washing machine. It’s very useful! I’ve also made this new box but in two colours, beige and brown, that match each other a lot. I hope that you all like them!

Beige bag and box, Made by Moni

Here you can see the hook in the strap

Detail beige bag, Made by Moni

Have a sunny end of the week and amazing weekend! And… remember! if you are a man you can also knit or crochet and it can be very sexy, he he 😉

Man crocheting Made by Moni

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New goals…


It has been already two weeks since I arrived to Oxford after Christmas. Next week will be the last one of January. Time flies and I have the feeling that I haven’t paid too much attention to what I’d like to achieve this new year. After looking at the screen for a while, I could say that my main project for 2014 will be my family. I’m sure I will spend most of my time with my son, my future daughter, and my husband, and I’d like to enjoy it as much as I can. I know that it’s an abstract aim but, as you know, the first thing to do to achieve something is to have it always in mind and trying to pursue it.

As a matter of fact, I think that it’d be useful to have at least 10 minutes a day to close my eyes, to feel my body and to be concious about what has happened during the day. We always find time to check our emails, facebook, whatsapp but not to be conscious about what we are doing, how we feel, to think about others… So, here’s my second objective!

Moreover, I’d like to improve my English as much as I can (this is always a purpose for me! he he) by writing a lot of posts in the blog, watching tv shows, movies, and reading in English… All these plus spending a lot of time talking in English with friends 😉

And last but not least, it would be to study as much History as I can. In Barcelona I’m a History teacher so I think that you need to be always updated about what is happening in the world and also to read historic novels, to watch interesting movies… And talking about movies, last Friday I watched The Butler, a drama about Cecil Gaines life, a butler who was serving in the White House to eight different presidents (from Harry Truman to Ronald Reagan). I strongly recommend it to you!

New year, new goals Made by Moni

And, after this reflection which was so good for me, I show you my last project. As we are cold in Oxford I decided to knit this simple and casual wool snood. I love the colour! do you like it?

Snood Made by Moni

I have left it in the coat hanger, ready to wear it when I go for a walk!

So… thanks for reading my thoughts, it was a good therapy 😉

Have a nice week!

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Christmas week!

Hello everyone!

After one week celebrating Christmas I finally find a moment to share with you how it was.

These days were so special for me, I had plenty of time to be with my family and this is the most precious present, don’t you think?

On the 24th we had a big dinner at my parents’, there were 37 of us! It was gorgeous and the food and presentation were amazing too. We also organised a Secret Santa with my brothers and sisters which is always a very nice moment… Here you can see the table presentation and some food, yummy!

Christmas dinner

On the 25th I had another lunch with my husband’s family which was also fantastic and after it we organised a game similar to secret santa. One of the things I liked the most was that everyone had to wrap the present in an original way. Some people used scrapbooking techniques, others nice boxes with bows but the winner was a snowman. It was great fun! 

Secret Santa

And here you can see the winner 😉

secret santa

I prepared this Christmas decoration for my secret santa, do you like it?

Christmas decoration

In three days we’ll begin 2014, amazing! These days I’m thinking about all I did in 2013, the new people I met, the projects I had and I’m also projecting next one. What would I like to achieve in 2014? Who is the people I love and whom I want to share my life with? What can I do to make a better world? A lot of questions to think about…

I hope that you had a wonderful week and that you begin 2014 loving yourself and loving the people surrounding you.

Much love for everyone 😉

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Back home and Christmas presents


Después de un montón sin escribir por fin encuentro un momento… Resulta que el domingo llegamos a Barcelona y bueno, ya os podéis imaginar, tienes muchas ganas de ver a tus amigos, estar con tu familia y hacer mil planes. La verdad es que es un gusto estar por aquí otra vez. Está claro que estoy encantada en Oxford pero no hay nada como reencontrarse con los tuyos y pasear por las calles de toda la vida, volver a tus rincones preferidos, sentarte en un banco a las cinco de la tarde ¡sin que sea de noche!, perderte por la mañana al sol y sacarte el abrigo sin tener frío… En fin, tantas cosas de Barcelona que me encantan. 

Esta semana he tenido una sensación especial. Hace ya un tiempo que estamos fuera (más de un año) y me doy cuenta de lo mucho que aprecio a la gente de mi alrededor y de lo importante que es cuidarla. Estando fuera, con el watsap, email, skype, estás siempre en contacto pero qué único es cuando te puedes ver cara a cara y hablar de todo y nada. Cuando estás fuera encuentras a otros buenos amigos pero los de toda la vida también los echas de menos, ¡qué ilusión tener tiempo para verlos!

Y entre todo este ajetreo de actividades he tenido tiempo para algunos encargos para estas fiestas. Esta vez os enseño uno de ellos.  Se trata de un bolso con tela jaspeada naranja y gris, botón marino y correa marrón. ¿Qué os parece? 

Orange and grey bag

Esta Navidad además también es especial a nivel familiar pues estamos esperando un bebé como ya os comenté, que será ¡una niña! Es muy emocionante pensar que vamos a ser cuatro y además que la que viene es niña, seguro que será una experiencia totalmente diferente a tener un niño… Mi hijo mayor señala mi barriga y dice bebé y a veces incluso me planta besos en el ombligo. Están siendo unos momentos únicos que no quiero olvidar así que aquí tenéis una foto para que los recuerdos no se pierdan...


Disfrutad de la Navidad a poder ser rodeados de los que más queréis 🙂

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Christmas decorations & thoughts

Hola a tod@s!

Esta semana está siendo intensa… El lunes pasado empecé con gripe intestinal, me encontré fatal y estuve toda la noche sin dormir, ¡un horror! A la mañana siguiente todavía mareada seguí con mis actividades de los martes y por la tarde, al llegar a casa, mi hijo estaba con una gran febrada. Hoy estamos a jueves y todavía lo tengo enfermo y yo sin salir de casa… ¡paciencia! Y justamente esta semana es especialmente importante porque mi marido presenta el tema de su tesis (lo está haciendo ahora). Como muchos sabréis lo que nos ha traído a Oxford es su doctorado y ahora, después de más de un año de estar dándole al tarro, de leer un montón de artículos, clases, trabajos, ¡por fin lo presenta! 

Entre todo esto he decidido crear estos centros Navideños para decorar un poco la casa y recordar que en tres semanas llega la Navidad. Ambos están hechos con tela de camiseta, uno en color naranja y el otro en dos tonalidades de verde. Si dentro le ponemos piñas y una velita queda de lo más navideño pero, cuando pasen las fiestas, puedes darle otros usos a la cajita como por ejemplo como joyero, frutero, panera. Recuerda que los puedes meter en la lavadora, ¡son muy prácticos!

Christmas decorations

Encender velas y ver la luz que desprenden me hace pensar en la ilusión, en tantas celebraciones con gente querida, en el valor de la paciencia, en las ganas de mejorar y de aportar tu grano de arena para que el mundo sea un poco mejor pero, sobretodo, en la esperanza.

Christmas decorations Christmas decorations

Y esperanza viene de espera y es que este tiempo hacia la Navidad tiene mucho de ello.  Todos estamos esperando algo. Algunos la llegada de un nuevo miembro a nuestras familias, otros la pronta recuperación de un familiar , otros que un nuevo proyecto vaya cogiendo forma, otros encontrar un nuevo sentido a sus vidas. Todo ello requiere de kilos de paciencia e ilusión.

Christmas decorations

¿Y tú qué esperas? Enciende tu vela y espera la Navidad con la máxima ilusión 😉

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