Birthdays coming…


We are almost in the last week of February. Time flies!! I cannot believe it!! In September I will be back in my job so I want to enjoy as much as I can this precious time with my family. This is why I try to be aware of what day I am living to get the most out of it 😉

And the following month we have a lot of celebrations. My older one will turn three (wow!), and my baby, one. We are already thinking about how we are going to celebrate these beautiful events. For the big one I want to bake a fire truck cake, he he. I promise to post some pictures.

And today I am beginning Crafternoon in Barcelona. Do you remember what is it? If you do not, read this post… I am really excited about it and I have chosen this project to work on it today:

Made by Moni toddler days of the week game

It is a game to learn the days of the week in three languages, Spanish, Catalan, and English. My son always tries to figure out what day it is, so I think that this game will be helpul and fun for us 😉 Hopefully it will be ready for his birthday.

This past week I have also sewed this small bag. This time was for my older sister’s birthday. It has her name’s letter and a heart. She liked it so much.

made by moni small bag

 And next week I will begin to sew a new bag as I bought new and pretty fabrics, yaay!

made by moni small bag

 Have a nice weekend!! I will 😉

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