White hood and Whatsapp addiction

Hello everyone!!

How are you doing? We are very happy because tomorrow a very good friend of us is coming to visit. I am really looking forward to it.

This week I have finished a new baby project. I have made a white hood for a 6 to 12-month baby.  It is very easy to make. I found the pattern in Oh mother mine diy and  you only need to see the video and follow the steps. It is very clear.

baby white hood, Made by Moni

Reading a book with her new hood 😉

Baby white hood, Made by Moni

These days I realised how much the mobile telephone (especially Whatsapp) disconnects me from what I am doing. Sometimes I am in the playground with my kids and while I am with them I check my emails, my whatsapps so I cannot be fully aware of what is happening around me. Virtual world has a lot of positive points but it can also be like a drug because there is always something interesting to check. So, this morning I tried not to check anything for the entire morning and I feel that I enjoyed much more my time. From now on I will try to check it at lunch and dinner time. Let’s see how my new goal goes!

And talking about enjoying what you are doing now, I think that crafts can help a lot! This is why I want to recommend you We are knitters and Knitting point. In both webs you can buy yarn, knitting and crochet kits (they sell you everything you need for a specific project) and you can also find free patterns, useful videos and much more. Both have also a cool blog. If you want to begin with the knitting or crochet addiction, do not miss these pages. 

Baby white hood, Made by Moni

I hope that you liked the white hood and that you take a look at the knitting webs! 

Enjoy the weekend and the present moment, better knitting than checking your mobile all the time (like me) 😉

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2 pensamientos en “White hood and Whatsapp addiction

  1. Te ha quedado precioso! Bsos


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