New cardigan

Hello everyone!

This week I am very happy as I can finally show you my last project, yaay! I was working on it for some weeks, trying to finish it as quick as I could so that we can use it soon. I wanted to create something for my daughter and I thought that a white cardigan is always very useful. I got the inspiration from an old cardigan (from me when I was a baby). I find it very classic but it is something that you always need to have in the wardrove. 

Made by Moni blog, white cardigan

What makes it different are the buttons, which I can always change for wodden ones.

Made by Moni blog, white cardigan

 It is very easy to make. You can follow these steps:

The size is from 8 to 12 months.

You do it in one peace.

Cast on 72 stitches. Knit 12cm (4’4 inches aprox). Add 2 stitches three times in every side. Add 4 stitches one time in each side. Add 5 stitches five times in each side. You will have 142 stitches in your needle. Knit until you get 22 cm (8’5 inches aprox).

For the neck: cast off the 22 middle stitches and leave 60 stitches in another needle.

You continue working on the right arm and the front right side. Add 1 stitch in every row 10 times (for the neckline). Add 15 stitches. Knit 3’5 cm (2 inches aprox) and cast off 5 stitches five times, 4 stitches one time and 2 stitches three times (you have finished the first arm). Knit 10cm (4 inches) and cast off (you have finished the front right side). Do the same with the 60 stitches that you have left in another needle for the left side.

Remember to add the buttonholes. Every 3cm you add two buttonholes with a 6cm separation between them.

Materials you need: two 50g white yarn balls, 3’5mm needles. I have used Katia promo fin

Sew the cardigan parts. Sew the buttons.

La talla es de 8 a 12 meses.

Se hace de una sola pieza.

Monta 72 puntos. Teje 12 cm. Añade 2 puntos 3 veces en cada lado. Añade 4 puntos una vez en cada lado. Añade 5 puntos 5 veces a cada lado. Tendrás 142 puntos en la aguja. Teje los puntos hasta que tengas 22 cm.

Para el cuello: cierra los 22 puntos centrales y deja los 60 puntos del lado izquierdo en una aguja aparte (o en la misma aguja pero sin trabajarlos).

Continua trabajando el brazo derecho y el delantero derecho. Añade un punto en cada línea 10 veces (para el escote). Por último añade 15 puntos (para la tapeta). Teje 3’5cm y cierra 5 puntos 5 veces, 4 puntos una vez y 2 puntos 3 veces (hasta aquí has acabado el brazo derecho). Teje 10 cm y cierra la labor (ya habrás acabado el lado derecho delantero). Haz lo mismo con el brazo y delantero izquierdos.

Recuerda añadir los ojales. Cada 3cm añades 2 ojales separados por 6cm.

Cose las partes del jersey y los botones.

Materiales: dos ovillos de lana blanca y agujas de 3’5mm. Yo he usado Katia promo fin

White cardigan Made by Moni blog

Here you have some videos founded in Costurea that might help you with your project:

How to add stitches. How to cast off. How to make the buttonholes


I hope that you liked my new project and that you find it easy to understand. It is my third cardigan in my whole life, so I encourage you to try it!

Enjoy the Friday and the coming weekend 😉

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