New horizons

Hello everyone!

How was your week? I’ve been quite busy because I’ve done a one-week course called Blogging ABC, but I’ve enjoyed it so much. In the following weeks I’ll try to read again all my notes and make some positive changes in the blog. You’ll see 😉

This course was a good choice specially now that I am thinking about the future. I stopped working two years and a half ago when I had my first baby and in a year I will go back to my job again (I am a high school teacher). However, during this time I have discovered how much I like the “craft world”, and I want to find the way in which this can still be an important part of my life when I am again in Barcelona. That’s why some weeks ago I bought three notebooks to begin writing all my ideas. It’s difficult because I don’t really know what exactly I’d like to do, but at the same time I like this planning ahead and trying to figure out how my daily life will look like once I am back home. 

Made by Moni  blog

Meanwhile I’ve been knitting these white baby booties for my little one like these ones I made some months ago. I found them very cosy and I like the colour because it suits with everything. I found the pattern in Costurea but if you need it in English, please write me an email.

White baby booties Made by Moni

White baby booties Made by Moni

I love writing this blog specially because it pushes me to create and try new things everyweek. I also like to share  them here because I think that maybe I can encourage people to have this fantastic hobby, which gives you a lot of positive energy. So, if you are following my blog and making some of my projects or other ones, let me know  so that we can share experiences, ideas… We can create a craft community!

Enjoy the weekend and your hobbies 😉

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