Finding my way and the giraffe

Hello again!!

This week I am feeling much better. When you arrive to a new place the first two weeks are the hardest (at least for me). You don’t know the place, you need to learn everything like where to buy groceries, where to go with your kids, you need to organise your house, you don’t know anybody… Also you can have a preconceived idea of the place and how your life would be and then you have a shock because everything is different from what you had imagined.

The first two weeks were a little bit like that to me… I had to organise a lot of things and I thought that my life  would be very similar to Oxford, and also missed my friends. I felt a little bit bewildered as I was trying to find what I had in mind instead of leting Stanford surprise me. Now I feel much better as I know more people (this is, for me, the most important thing!!) and I have changed my attitude and trying to see this experience as a different and new one. We are meeting new people, new places and I want to enjoy it slowly.

And here you have my last creation. This giraffe for a very special friend who had a baby recently, like the one I made for my son. Do you like it? It is made with fabric, felt and buttons. Easy and cute 😉 

Made by Moni Giraff

She looks very interested in getting to know you better…

Giraff Made by Moni

And yesterday I decided to go to bed earlier and waking up one hour before my kids. Then I can read the newspaper an do ten minutes of meditation. I feel that I need time to be alone to experience more how lucky I am being alive and being here.

Thanks for reading me and if you are arriving to a new place like me, try to always see the good points of the experience. I am sure that this will help you enjoy it more.

See you!

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  1. Animo! Yes you can 😉


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