Mum’s love


Life sometimes surprises you… Last Sunday I was supposed to fly back to Barcelona to have my second child there surrounded by family and friends. I was in my 35th week, I was feeling well and my sister was arriving on Friday to spend the weekend in Oxford and fly back together on Sunday to Spain.

However, the plan totally changed on Friday morning as I began to feel contractions every 5, 6, 3 minutes. At the beginning I thought that it would all stop soon but as my husband and I arrived to hospital I realised that my daughter wanted to see us earlier than expected. I was scared because I was in another country, I didn’t want a non epidural labour, I didn’t have any clothes for the baby and, specially, because I was in the eight month. Gosh! I was terrified… would my daughter be ok?

After 16 long hours she arrived to the world and although I was exhausted (the labour was pretty hard) and shocked she was with us and that was the most incredible gift I could have.  

The first two days were hard for me as I was weak and psychologically exhausted, but my sister’s and husband’s help and my mother and mother in law’s arrival made a huge change in my state. Little by little I recovered and my little one began to breastfeed very well and we also began to  know each other.

Made by Moni

After one week of all that I cannot imagine my life without María. She’s gorgeous… I love her smell, her hands, feet and beatiful expression… How can she be so beautiful? I feel so grateful everytime I see her… I also feel grateful because everything went well and specially because I always have people who love me and help me in the hard moments. As I told you in another post, life is easier if you leave others help you and this was essential for me in the past week.

Now I’m still surrounded by my family here in Oxford and I’m very happy as my son is not jealous yet (I’m sure he’ll be a little bit in the near future), they help me a lot and I can spend all the time with my new little one.

My mum is here living with us… helping us, enjoying this special moment together… and also KNITTING for us… I want to show you what she made for María, she has done a brilliant job! My grandma also made something for her… Amazing, isn’t it? 

Made by Moni, baby's clothes

María’s clothes made by Moni’s mum and grandma.


Pink and white baby outfit Made by Moni’s grandma.

Made by Moni, baby's clothes

Yellow and white baby’s outfit Made by Moni’s mum

Made by Moni, baby's clothes

White and pink baby outfit Made by Moni’s grandma.

Made by Moni, baby's clothes

Beige and blue baby outfit Made by Moni’s mum

Made by Moni, baby's clothes

Beige and white baby outfit Made by Moni’s mum

I’m enjoying so much dressing María with these beautiful clothes. If you are good at knitting you can get some ideas from the pictures. One day I will try to make something like that but meanwhile I love to have these amazing presents from my mum and grandma.

What is better than mother’s love? I hope I manage to be as good mummy as mine 😉

Much love and thank you for reading me.

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10 pensamientos en “Mum’s love

  1. Ahora me acaba de entrar el post tuyo! MUCHISIMAS FELICIDADES para ti y todos los tuyos! Que gran noticia que María ya esté con vosotros! Es preciosa! By the way, la ropita una pasada! Menuda familia de artistas! Ahora entiendo de donde has aprendido las cosas preciosas que haces! Que descanses y disfrutes muchísimo!

    • Gracias guapa!! Estamos súper súper contentos! Sobretodo porque todo ha ido bien a pesar del imprevisto (podría haber nacido en el avión! no me quiero ni imaginar!).
      Sí, mi madre y mi abuela son unas artistas!!

  2. Blanka

    I love the picture of the two of you!

  3. Petra

    Dear Moni,
    congratulations again to your entire family!! So happy you are both ok and that everything went well! Amazing what the women in your family do with their hands! Enjoy your loved ones and should you need anything, think of your friends! We are here for you..
    Petra, Emma and Ivan

  4. Que monada Moni!! Enhorabuena!!! Maria ira hecha toda una muñeca con estos “outfit” jeje 😉

  5. Barbara

    Tenemos un craft para María para cuando vengáis . Muchas ganas de veros. Mua! Qué bonita es la foto tuya con María


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