Crochet for men


Here I am again wanting to know about you and sharing with you my new crochet projects. But, first of all, how are you doing? We are doing well, we had an amazing weekend (Saturday in London with friends & Sunday in Oxford with friends too). How was yours?

I have a lot of things to tell this week… On the one hand, I want to recommend this article about men crocheting. I feel that kniting and crocheting are nice hobbies but we always relate them to grandmas or to women. They can also be nice hobbies for men, don’t you think? Read the article, I love Howie Woo and Mathew projects, both have a lot of creativity.

Howie woo  sometimes combines crochet with images… See this video:

On the other hand, I want to tell you that we have already begun “crafternoons” again. Do you know what it is? A group of mums and our children we meet once a week and, while the children play, we do craft projects. We always have great fun, and I like how the children, little by little, begin to understand that it’s more funny to play with other kids than with their mum. We also have a new blog that you can check here and you are also invited to join us.

And last but not least, here you have my two new crochet projects. You all know my bags but this one is different as it has two hooks that allow you to take out the strap and wash the bag in the washing machine. It’s very useful! I’ve also made this new box but in two colours, beige and brown, that match each other a lot. I hope that you all like them!

Beige bag and box, Made by Moni

Here you can see the hook in the strap

Detail beige bag, Made by Moni

Have a sunny end of the week and amazing weekend! And… remember! if you are a man you can also knit or crochet and it can be very sexy, he he 😉

Man crocheting Made by Moni

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  1. mcbarcelona

    Hola! Jo tampoc sabia que tenies un blog i l’Anna ahir m’ho va dir! Ets una artista! Felicitats! Ja tens una nova seguidora! Per cert, El teu nen es preciós!


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