My new family and the snood

Hello everyone!

After a lot of days without updating the blog, I’m back again. I was in Barcelona for more than three weeks and it was a little bit crazy… we had a lot of things to do, people to see, so I couldn’t find a moment to write. Now we are again in Oxford and I have to say that after such a great time in my city I have a lot of energy to continue with my Oxford life. It’s very nice to see my Oxford friends again and I also want to take advantadge of the next two months that I’ll be here, as in March I’ll go to Barcelona to have my new daughter.

And talking about the new baby, here you can see a picture of a nice present that my son’s godfather and uncle gave him on the 6th of January (as you know, a big celebration in Spain). The toys have some buttons so you can take out the mother’s belly and change it for the baby toy. I feel that it’s such a good gift because it’ll help us explain more to him what is going to happen in our family. In fact he loves it and he is all the time pointing my belly and the toy’s belly and looking at the whole family and saying “mummy, daddy, baby, me”. I would like to be in his head to know what he really thinks and understands…

My family

In three months or even less my family will be like this one bellow… wow!

My family

You can buy this toys in Olokuti in Barcelona which is a shop that promotes fair trade, products that are good for the enviroment and also hand made, artistic and cultural ones.

Moreover, as I told you I tried to make handmade presents for my family. I knitted this stylish snood for my husband and he is really happy with it because it’s very warm (perfect for the Oxford weather) and cozy. 

brown snood Made by Moni

The good point is that it’s unisex… so I can also use it! 😉


What do you need?

Choose the wool that you like but a thick one. I used needles size 7 

How to make it?

Cast on 40 stitches using preferred method.

Do the first row using moss stitch (1 knit, 1 purl).

Do the rest of the snood using fisherman’s rib stitch until you get the size you need.

Finally, sew the beginning of the snood with the end and you’ll have your project finished.

That’s it! It’s easy and quick!

Enjoy the week and, what is more important, the beginning of 2014 😉

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