Baby scarf with amazing pompoms


How are you doing?  

I’m already beginning to think that Christmas is almost here and that I’ll go to Spain to see my family and friends, how exciting! Last weekend we had the Light Festival here which consists in a children procession carrying lanterns made by them. Since that day, the city’s lights are all on.

It’s incredible how much influence we receive from the consumption society… Sometimes two months  before Christmas you already begin to think about presents…  I feel that it’s a little bit too much, don’t you think?

Anyway, I have began to think about Christmas presents and I think that this year I’ll try to make myself as many presents as I can… Let’s see if I have enough time! he he.  I want to share with you this new project, a scarf for a child! You could maybe try to make one for a Christmas present.

baby scarf

At the beginning my son didn’t want to wear it and I was so disappointed, but now he goes everywere with his new scarf 😉


Materials you need: grey/red wool (or you can also choose other colours), needles.

How to make it?

Cast on 2 stitches. Knit one row. Add one stitch at the end of this row.

Knit 10 or 12 more rounds adding one stitch at the end of each row (a trinagle increases little by little).

Knit as many rounds as long the scarf you want to be.

Finish again decreasing in each row one stitch until you finish the triangle again.

Finally, sew the pompoms to the scarf with a needle.

How to make the pompoms?

Here you have a link to learn how to make a pompom! You can also buy this on the internet if it’s easier for you .

baby scarf pom poms

Enjoy making this little scarf and your Christmas presents and remember what the picture below says…


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