Recycled toys’ bag

Hi again!

How are you doing? I hope you had a happy beginning of the week. Mine has been nice but cold… It seems that the time has changed but the weather too… Now is time to spend more afternoons at home or somewhere else and to invent new activities just to enjoy as much as possible the following months. What are you planning to do? I’m very happy because next week some friends and I (with our kids) will begin a “craft group” one afternoon a week but I will tell you more about that another day…

Today I want to tell you how I made this bag for my little one’s toys. When you have a child you begin to accumulate toys, so you need something to keep your house a little bit tidy. This is my new creation…

Children bag toys

Children bag toys

I like to recycle things so I had one brown bag that someone gave to me with some wines inside. In some shops they give you this kind of textile bags with the shop’s name, the email… So I had one of these and I decided to cover the brand name with these letters (“My toys”), the line and the snake. I also had some old fabric so I reused it to do my work… Do you like the final result? I like it and it’s very useful for the little toys that are always making a mess in the house.

Moreover, I want to show you my new discovery: Wool and the Gang! an online shop so cool where they only have unique pieces made from particular people or designers but never from a factory. Read his manifesto! They also sell a lot of original patterns to knit with the wool.. and they have free patterns too. Take a look on the web because is trendy, different… and you could also be a knitter!

Here you have some pictures that I like from this web site:

Have a nice Halloween /All Saints celebration! 😉

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