Customized clothes pegs!

Hi everyone!!

A few weeks ago two good friends got married. It was an amazing wedding full of details and we had a lot of fun 😉 At the dinner we found the menu with these cute clothes pegs. I liked them so much that I’ve decided to decorate some at home! 


You will need these: some wooden clothes pegs, paint, a brush… You can also use some varnish at the end of the process... I’ve used what you can see in the picture below…


What you need to do is to begin painting one side in one colour, let it dry and then paint the other side. You can also paint some decorations as I did… So easy and so funny… This is me while I was doing my new project:


And this is the final result…! Do you like it?


And here you have some ideas to use them…

My son has a birthday party next weekend so I’ve decorate one of them for the little one who is turning 1 just to put it with the present!

fashion clothes pegs

You can also decorate your bedroom or a baby playroom hanging a string and adding some pictures with the funny clothes pegs.

fashion clothes pegs

Or you can use them to identify your napkins at home.

fashion clothes pegs

It could be a nice activity to do with children from six years old too…

Have a nice week, so will I!

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