Blackberry Jam at Port Meadow


How was your week?

Mine was busy and tiring but now the weekend is here… yay!

Last saturday my family and I went to pick up blackberries. Last September we discovered that Port Meadow (beautiful fields near our place) was full of them so we decided to try to pick up again this year. The result was a complete success, we arrived at home with a little bit more than 2kg and we only spent one hour there, gorgeous! We had a lot of fun, specially my son who was eating all of them (even the red and green ones, he he)…


While the rowers where training in the Thames we where picking up all the blackberries at Port Meadow…


The second part was cooking the jam… My husband is the expert so he did it. Here you have the recipe. You could try to make it because it’s easy and so tasty.


1 kg Blackberries, 500 gr sugar, half lemon juice

How to do it?:

1) Wash the blackberries carefully

2) Boil them with half a glass of water (10 minutes, until they are soft)

3) Blend them

4) Strain them and take out the pulp

5) Add the sugar and slow cook for one hour.

The final step is to put the jam in some glass pots. If you want to have them vaccuum packed for longer preservation, fill them to the top and put them upside down for some hours until they cool down. So good, so tasty!! Try it!

Here you have the crafty part… the pot decoration! 😉

You will need: scissors, a piece of fabric, string, fashion tape, paper, pen.


How to do it?:

You cut a small piece of paper and you write the jam’s name and you stick it in the pot. You can decorate it with the fashion tape as I did.  You tie the fabric to the lid with the string and that’s it!


It could be a nice present (and home made) if you go to somewhere else house to have dinner.

Enjoy your tea time or your breakfast with your home made Blackberry jam!

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