Time to think, time for a baby’s mobile…

Hi everyone!!

How are you doing?

Last weekend we were very busy here in Oxford… we made a picnic with another family on Saturday and on Sunday we had some guests at home. The weather was lovely so it was awesome to have also coffee in our garden and enjoy talking and laughing. On Sunday night I was tired but happy, the more you share with new people and you live in another country the moRE you know about yourself and the others. It’s definetely an interestig experience to live abroad.

Today I want to show you my new creation: a baby’s mobile! I’ve created it for my little one’s bedroom… I did it myself because my baby is only 16 months but you can try to do it with older children. I’m sure they will enjoy it so much.


Materials you need:

Papier maché (you can buy a bag or you can do it, there are many videos in youtube that will explain you how to make it), scissors, string, watercolor painting, brush, two small branches, a recipient, glass of water.

How to do it?

You have to mix the papier maché (if you have bought it, like me) with water in a recipient and make the shapes that you like. You can invent the shapes or use some moulds to bake cookies to do them, it’s up to you! I decided to do two cars, two balls, four stars, two moons and two clouds.  Remember to put two holes in every peace (you can do it wih the brush as you can see in the picture below). Then you have to wait for one day until the pieces are dry enough and you can paint them with the watercolor painting. You can also decorate with watercolor painting the two small branches. When everything is dry you can use the string to join the pieces with the two branches.

Here you have some pictures to help you understand…


During your project you will also need a capuccino or a tea and some music to relax. I’m sure that while you are working on it you’ll begin to put your mind in order. It happens to me that when I’m doing crafts I have time to think about those things that you don’t have time to think about, about people you love, about my dreams, my new projects…

Does it happen to you the same?

Have a nice week! 😉

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5 pensamientos en “Time to think, time for a baby’s mobile…

  1. Bárbara París

    So impressed!!! qué chuli


  2. Pues ya sabes, si hay primito para Marcos te hago uno, es bromaaaaaaaaa, jejejjeej!!

  3. Bárbara

    Tendrias que hacer la versión feminina!! je, je… nosotros sólo sabemos hacer niñas ;)) see u soon!!

  4. Moni no había visto este post! Estas hecha toda una artista, jeje!
    Cuelga alguna foto de Marcos, que estará enorme!!

  5. Anna… me parece que eres más artista tú que yo! Cómo van las recetas?
    En nada verás a Marcos “en persona” pero prometo colgar fotito 😉


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