To say goodbye…

Hi everyone!

Oxford is a wonderful place to live as you can make friends easily and feel at home quickly. But it’s also a place where people often live for a while and then leave. That’s what is happening to me now. Last September I met really nice people here, and this helped me so much to be as happy here as I am in Barcelona. But now some of my friends are leaving. On the one hand it’s very sad as you don’t know when are you going to meet them again (some of them live in Japan, Singapur…) but on the other hand you have a lot of memories with them, a lot of good moments shared together and these don’t go away… they stay with you forever. What a nice present!

Anyway, today I want to share one of this good moments. My friend Sarah (she stays in Oxford, yayy!!) and I organised an activity for mums and children one afternoon a week. We all met with the children and while they where playing we where doing crafts. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon meeting new people, new friends for our babies and doing some craft work – we called them “crafternoons” 🙂

Here you can see two pictures of one of our meatings. I hope that next year we can start it again…


This reminded me of the winter, so I have decided to show you what I made for my baby. This is a blue wool jacket very warm and cosy for the cold weather. You can use it as a coat or as a pullover. I bought the wool and the wood buttons in Barcelona. I hope that you like it and that you begin this summer to knit it – because it took me some time to finish it!

17th post D

The guitar music hypnotizes my son (who is wearing his new jacket) and his uncle…

17th post C

Here you have the pattern. It was my first knitting project so don’t worry, you can try!!

It’s a coat for a one year old. The main body is only one peace that you knit altogether.

For the snood you need to fold the peace that you have knitted in the middle and then you sew the back part as you can see in the drawing.

When you have already knitted the two parts you need to sew them together.

That’s it! so easy, so nice 😉 But if you have any doubts you can write me.


Enjoy the time you spend with your friends, I will!

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