Yarnbombing – Guerrilla lanera

Hi everyone! How are you doing?  In one week spring will be here, time flies! I think that it’s the perfect time to say “bye bye” to the winter season by introducing you to my lastest yarn creations…


I’ve made a grey and a black crochet bags decorated with wooden buttons. I bought the yarn in Barcelona and also in Oxford and the buttons in different shops from Barcelona. As you can see in the bike’s basket I’ve also knitted a fashionable blue snood… which is so warm for this days in Oxford! brrr!

crochet bag

Discovering all sorts of things in Gloucester Green antique… it’s like being in another century.

And talking about yarn…two weeks ago I found out about quite a new movement called Yarn bombing, “guerrilla lanera” (in Spanish) which apeared in 2004 in the Netherlands. Do you know something about that? I didn’t. What is most exciting about it is that artists use crocheting and knitting projects as if they were paints or other materials to decorate city spaces. Don’t be surprised if one day you are walking in a park and you realise that a lot of trees are now different creatures dressed with colourful crochet projects. You could also find a naked statue with a crochet dress or a grey and boring handrail converted in a funny pink, red and orange object. So dont’t be asleep while walking in the street… 😉

                          Here you can see an example of yarnbombing, I want to call from the colourful one!

telephone-booth         cabina moni

And… two days ago I suddenly saw a knitted post in Corn Market in Oxford… amazing, isn’t it?

poste con lana

  Here you can see my creations in detail, enjoy it!


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6 pensamientos en “Yarnbombing – Guerrilla lanera

  1. Fina Ramirez

    Me encantan los bolsitos!!! Eres una artista!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! Your products are beautiful! And the blog is great… love the yarn bombing / guerrilla lanera concept!

  3. No solo conocemos Oxford, vemos bolsitos y bufanditas monísimos sino que encima aprendemos inglés… ¡este blog es la bomba tú!

    • Te imaginas un post de Houser & Houser en Eurobar recitando trovas? eso sí que ya sería la bomba Ah! pero me tendrías que asegurar que tus fans llevan mis bolsos 😉


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